Minky Loveys

What Are Loveys?

A lovey is a “transitional” object that helps a baby find comfort and deal with separation anxiety from Mom and Dad. They’re especially useful to handle when baby wakes up, and the parents aren’t in the room, or when they’re in a stressful situation and need something to help soothe their anxiety.

Other terms for loveys include security blanket or comfort object.

Often, a lovey is a blanket or stuffed animal, but it doesn’t have to be. Any object that your baby bonds with can fit the bill. It may be a piece of cloth (a cloth diaper or mom’s t-shirt, for example), teethers or even a soft, plush book! The idea is that baby sees this object as an extension of mom and dad, and a temporary substitute for when you’re not immediately available.

These loveys are double sided minky fabric, the softest ever for your little ones. 

These comforting security blankets come in two sizes:

  • 16"x 16" square
  • 17"x 20" rectangle



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