Safety & Liabilities Policies

All my Keepsake Bears are not intended to be toys!

Their handmade nature means they won’t stand up to wear like most stuffed animals. (Snuggles are definitely encouraged!)

All my bears come with the option of having embroidery eyes or safety eyes (little glass eyes, will not come apart unless a massive force is used to pull it apart). All noses and mouths are done by hand with embroidery thread or felt.

Bella's Bears & Company waives all liability and responsibility from the use of our products after being received by the customer.


Obviously I cannot expect your sentimental items to be pristine and perfect condition for sewing. I do my absolute best to keep the sentimental integrity on the garment or item intact. In most cases I use an iron on stabilizer to maintain shape, and make it easier to work with. Materials that are quite worn, thin, laminated or otherwise not typically found in conventional stuffed animals may experience thinning or changes in integrity during the sewing process, or after the bear is stuffed as stuffing puts additional pressure on the delicate fabric. I CANNOT use a stabilizer on PUL fabrics.

PLEASE be aware that pulling, cracking, and separation of fibers MAY occur. If you are not ready to take that risk please reconsider a stuffy for now! I am hoping to be able to do this for a long time so there is no rush! If you have ANY questions regarding the fabrics you have in mind please don’t hesitate to ask!