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Everyone Meet Victoria!!!!
Victoria means victorious which is how I feel about life and after talking to someone special and her life, this name was meant to me.

I am so excited about this beautiful bear.

She stands at about 18 inches tall and when sitting she is about 12 inches tall.

Her arms and legs move and she gives the perfect hugs ever!

Her cute little heart nose gives the best eskimo kisses.
Her beautiful big eyes stare right into your soul, and I can also make the eyes your kids or loved ones actual eye colour.

She has the cutest little tail.

She can be made out of your kids clothes 8-10 items of clothes required or your loved ones sentimental items.

She has tons of different spaces that you can add embroidery too. Her Belly, her back, her paws and her arms.

AND that's not all!!!

Ever wanted your kids birthweight in a bear? Well guess what? I will be offering this option and she's your bear to do it with, she has the perfect bum part to add the weighted beads to. It will be under a different listing.